Herstory repeats itself ...

Madge was born somewhere on the East Coast. Her family ended up in the witness protection program for smuggling women's footwear to the Chinese Footbinding Association of Shanghai. The Feds took good care of her family, but Madge craved something more.
Bisket hails from Nebraska, raised on a farm of pig milkers. The family is best known for its Porcine Pecorino cheese that received a blue ribbon at the Nebraska state fair. Bisket longed for more than cheese and gravy, and so she bid farewell to her favorite pig, Mallowmar, and started her trek to the Big Apple.
As fortune would have it, Madge and Bisket were destined to meet not in the Big Apple but at the Spicy Pickle Playhouse in Dubuque, Iowa. Madge had garnered herself a job as a headliner in her one-woman show, "12 Angry Men". It was a hit from the start, but her manager (Joey Bagels), ran off with some floosie, her savings account, and social conscience. 
After spending her last $1.25 on a bottle of cheap booze, she heard something moaning behind the dumpster. On the ground was what appeared to be a woman, who's words Madge will never forget. "Life is easy; just lie there." As the woman's gentleman caller got up and took his leave, she introduced herself. At that moment, Madge had found her Bisket.